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Exotic Pet Services

0606081427-small Exotic pets require special needs both at home and at the veterinary hospital. Oconee Veterinary Hospital cares for patients running the gambit from “pocket pets” to reptiles. We are equipped to offer treatment for a variety of exotics’ conditions, and can offer advice on proper conditions for their home environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Olivia-smallWhat exotic pets will you not see? The only patients we are not equipped to handle are venomous reptiles, large carnivorous reptiles, and some wildlife such as raptors. Please call us you have any questions.

What are some common conditions of exotics and procedures you perform?

  • Wing trims
  • Vaccinations for distemper and rabies for ferrets
  • Anorexia (decreased appetite) in reptiles
  • Rabbit dental disease
  • Parasite exams

What makes you qualified to work on my exotic pet?
Dr. Stortz took extra classes and rotations at the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine to learn to treat exotic pets, and keeps up to date with new information and techniques through continuing education classes and periodicals.

Where can I get more information on my exotic pet? Please utilize this pet library link, which has great information on almost any pet that you can legally own!