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Cat and Dog Boarding / Pet Lodging

If you are heading out of town or just need a place for your pet to stay for day, we can take care of that! We have separate dog and cat boarding facilities. Cats stay in an individual cage and dogs have the option of indoor cages or our large, indoor/outdoor climate controlled runs.

All dogs are able to reserve an indoor/outdoor run, but only smaller dogs are allowed to stay in the inside cages. Our indoor/outdoor runs allow for individual access to a 12-15 foot covered, run area. The indoor/outdoor access is usually several hours twice a day, or all day weather permitting.  You have the option with any dog boarding with us for individual play time in our awesome, 6000 square foot, fully enclosed play yard!

Give us a try! Your pets will love the play time!

Optional, Extra Special Boarding Services


  1. Play time. We offer special one-on-one play time in our enclosed, grassy play area. We can let your dog run free, toss the ball them or just let them sunbathe. Ask about this optional service at our Athens kennels.
  2. Yappy Hour. We have special, healthy doggy formulated ice-cream cups (LickALots) that we can offer your pet while boarding. No preservatives, artificial flavors or sugar added.
  3. Bathes. Ask about a bath. We can always send your pet home smelling clean and fresh.


Click to see our PRICE LIST – Dog/Cat and Exotic Boarding Services



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