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At Oconee Veterinary Hospital in Athens, GA, we offer a complete range of veterinary services including examinations, spay/neutering, vaccinations, dental care, surgical care, parasite prevention, and more.

Oconee Vet Hospital Serving Athens and Watkinsville, GA

vet services athens pet dentalWe are committed to offering top quality veterinary care for our patients and exceptional customer service for our clients. Our veterinarians and staff at Oconee Veterinary Hospital understand that your pets are more than just pets; they are family. As fellow pet lovers and pet owners, we pride ourselves on treating your pets as if they are our own.

Your First Visit in Athens

We recommend you bring in any medical history, including vaccination history, for your pet on your first visit to Oconee Veterinary Hospital. We also highly recommend a complete physical examination for all pets on their first visit. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with your pet and to establish a baseline for future care. From there, our veterinarians will work closely with you to determine a schedule for care, including exams and any necessary treatments.

Our Oconee Veterinary Hospital’s team’s top priorities are to treat our patients and to help educate our clients regarding all aspects of pet health and preventative care. We at Oconee Veterinary Hospital have assembled a caring team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible care for your pet. We invite you to give us a call, pay us a visit, or schedule an appointment today.

Our veterinarians and vet staff look forward to getting to know you and your family and providing high quality health care for your pets. At Oconee Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated to keeping your pets as healthy, happy members of your family for as long as possible.

oconee vet laser therapy

Laser Therapy

Continuing to be a leader in the use of new technology, Oconee Veterinary Hospital has recently acquired a new FDA approved Class IV Therapy Laser unit, manufactured specifically for use in companion animals.

Widely used in human rehabilitation programs and by professional sports trainers, Class IV Laser Therapy alleviates pain, reduces inflammation and accelerates healing. Deep penetrating photons of light from the laser influence cell chemistry and metabolism in a variety of beneficial ways. Best of all, treatment with a Class IV Therapy Laser is completely painless.

What Could be Causing Your Pet’s Allergy?

Food Allergies – Many pet foods are made with hormones, preservatives, and traces of pesticides.  Corn and grain are common fillers and can cause allergies for many pets.
Airborne allergens – Allergens can be detrimental to your pet’s skin.  Even common household toxins such as cleaners and air fresheners affect your pet’s health.
Outdoor Allergens – Pesticides, fertilizers, bacteria and viruses can weaken your pet’s immune system and make them susceptible to allergic reactions.
Other Common Allergens – Fleas, mites, ticks, ringworm, and lice may cause your pet allergic irritations.

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Exotic Pet Services

exotic pets Exotic pets require special needs both at home and at the veterinary hospital. Oconee Veterinary Hospital cares for patients running the gambit from “pocket pets” to reptiles. We are equipped to offer treatment for a variety of exotics’ conditions, and can offer advice on proper conditions for their home environment. Read more about our Exotic Pet Services here.

Canine Rehabilitation

Dr. Bangle’s interest in canine physical rehabilitation stems from his desire to learn all he can about exercise physiology and mechanisms of recovery. He became determined to pursue training in this area after once having a 15 year old Chocolate lab, Emily, who was diagnosed with debilitating arthritis. He felt more could have been done to improve her quality of life. He also owned a Dachshund, Lucy, who had a diagnosis of an acute neurological condition that proper rehabilitation could have assisted in recovery. Read more about it!

Dr. Bangle is a member of the AVMA, GVMA, and has completed course work from the University Of Tennessee College Of Veterinary Medicine in Canine Rehabilitation.